Orlando's passion for cameras, lighting, and the moving image stems from his time spent in his teens where he was enrolled in an intensive 4 year black and white photography program, studying composition, optics, and the art of producing beautiful 35mm and medium format prints in the darkroom.

Orlando first laid hands on a steadicam at the age of 20 while interning at a Panavision center in Montréal.  He was trained by professional steadicam operators and soon became hooked on the technical intricacies and artistic opportunities that steadicam provided.  He spent the next few years working on various features and miniseries shooting in France, Italy, and Spain working as a steadicam technician, providing  the opportunity to acquire a deeply comprehensive understanding of steadicam gear, its limitations, and how to make quick adjustments and repairs in the field. Upon returning to the United States, Orlando established himself as a cinematographer / steadicam operator, and has been operating and DPing shorts, features, music videos, and commercials ever since.


Orlando owns a GPI Pro Systems modular sled, vest, and arm.  His equipment is ready for travel and can be shipped anywhere in the world at a moment's notice.

  • GPI Pro Systems Sled (Generation II)
  • Walter Klassen Back-mounted Harness
  • GPI Pro Systems Atlas Arm
  • MK-V Hummingbird Daybright Monitor
  • Dionic HC Batteries
  • Modulus 3000 Wireless SD Video Transmitter and Director's Monitor
  • Preston FI+Z Three Channel Wireless Follow Focus System
  • Vehicle Hardmount
  • Weight Cage for DSLR and Lightweight Cameras